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Cloud Services Brochure

Cloud Services Brochure         If you want to get the maximum amount of value out of your data—and value from your infrastructure investment—Windstream Cloud Services can help you take efficiency and reliability to new heights. How can we be so confident? Because we’ve been doing this a long time—before a lot of

Green Cloud ServeRestore Brochure

Green Cloud ServeRestore Brochure       Green Cloud’s ServeRestore solution doesn’t just house your data in a locked-tight, safe environment built on industry-leading technologies. It also mirrors your current server so it can be tested and brought up whenever you need it. We consult with you to design a disaster recovery plan specifically for

Cloud Call Center Defined

Cloud Call Center Defined         A cloud call center is a network-based service in which a technology provider owns and operates call center technology and delivers these services remotely to businesses in a monthly subscription model. Many descriptors have been used to explain this concept including: Virtual Call Center, Hosted Call Center and Call Center-as-a-Service. Please fill out

IBT Cloud Brochure

IBT Cloud Brochure           The Cloud is more than a buzzword…it’s an epic shift in business efficiency and leverage. We’re experts in transitioning legacy systems to the Cloud and can help your business: • Create a TCO Cost/Benefit Analysis • Procure the Best Cloud Providers • Transition from Legacy to Cloud Platforms Please

Call Center Comparison Matrix

Call Center Comparison Matrix A quick reference guide to help you understand the benefits of the Evolved Call Center Solution. Evolve IP offers a comprehensive communications solution with a better total service offering than you can get from other platforms or standalone Cloud Call Center providers. Our service provides all the benefits of a hosted architecture, from a provider you

RapidScale Product Guide

RapidScale Product Guide         RapidScale is a global leader in Desktop as a Service. With our CloudDesktop you can access your apps, on any device, globally. Let our CloudIntelligence team design the right CloudDesktop solution for you. We are the next generation computer. CloudRecovery: Our disaster recovery and business continuity services focus on securing your data and ensuring minimum
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