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Green Cloud ServeRestore Brochure

Green Cloud ServeRestore Brochure       Green Cloud’s ServeRestore solution doesn’t just house your data in a locked-tight, safe environment built on industry-leading technologies. It also mirrors your current server so it can be tested and brought up whenever you need it. We consult with you to design a disaster recovery plan specifically for

Green Cloud ExpressRestore Data Sheet

Green Cloud ExpressRestore Data Sheet       Green Cloud’s ExpressRestore solution is accelerated recovery for virtualized environments.  If you are already invested in a VMware virtualized environment and are looking for production class replication targets that you manage, ExpressRestore is your solution.  It offers 24 hour, 4 hour and 15 minute cloud recovery SLAs

Why Cloud Supports BC/DR

Why Cloud Supports BC/DR           Headlines about devastating tsunamis and tornadoes are stark reminders to businesses about the need for disaster recovery measures. The threats to business continuity typically are less dramatic, although nonetheless debilitating. From server crashes to snow days, stuff just happens to interrupt business as usual. The costs

RapidScale Product Guide

RapidScale Product Guide         RapidScale is a global leader in Desktop as a Service. With our CloudDesktop you can access your apps, on any device, globally. Let our CloudIntelligence team design the right CloudDesktop solution for you. We are the next generation computer. CloudRecovery: Our disaster recovery and business continuity services focus on securing your data and ensuring minimum

Understanding Data-Centric Security

Understanding Data-Centric Security           Not too long ago, a firewall, antivirus, VPN and good Web/email filtering was considered a solid security architecture. The idea was to build a few layers of defense, creating a security perimeter around your corporate network. The problem is, it has never worked. Cybercriminals are one step

Server Central

        Server Central provides highly reliable IT infrastructure in secure facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. Delivering industry leading service levels on colocation, cloud, network connectivity, and managed services, ServerCentral is a trusted name to a wide range of global companies seeking turnkey data center solutions. ServerCentral enters the cloud space


        Matrix is a premier data center and IT resource, offering customized solutions for growth, integration and technology for the large and mid-sized business market. Matrix’s solutions allow companies to be strategic with their IT and allow Matrix take on all the tactical elements. For more than 16 years, Matrix has fine-tuned

Rapid Scale

        Rapid Scale offers enterprise-class managed solutions for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses. Utilizing a best-in-class network architecture, Rapid Scale allows its customers to focus on their core business while letting us provide them with an enterprise-level infrastructure for a fixed, predictable monthly fee. Services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
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